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Late Talker or Speech Delay?

Is your child 2 years old, and says less than 50 words. Are you worried that your child might have a speech delay? Our speech therapist can help you clarify your concerns and identify speech & language strategies that help your child communicate better. Put your mind at ease. Contact Us for a consultation.


Speech Delays and Disorders

Is your child's speech difficult to understand? Does your child mix up his or her speech sound? Does he or she have a lisp or stutter? Let our speech therapist help figure out which errors are normal or delayed, and identify the right speech activities, speech strategies and oral motor practices to help your child speak more clearly. Contact Us for a consultation.

Story Grammar. Story Champs.

Story Grammar Training

Story Grammar Training improves a child's spoken grammar, listening comprehension, and storytelling skills. 

We use a comprehensive assessment and treatment  program that lays the foundation for academic language development. For children age 5 to 8 years old. Individual sessions with parent involvement. Contact Us to find out if this program is right for your child.


Parent & Child Literacy Program

Is your child struggling to learn to read? Do you feel at a lost to help him or her?  Let us help. Our speech therapist will assess your child's reading readiness, and help you implement a Parent & Child Home Reading Program to help your child learn to read. Contact Us to find out if this program is right for you.


Dental Services

We provide dental services with communication, behavioral, and oral-sensory support for children. Experienced Dental and Speech Therapy Team. Contact Us for details.

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